Fresh & Clean

All of our produce is fresh from the source. Local first. Murder Hornet Hot Sauce is always free of preservatives, added sugars or fillers.

Cooking Technique

We take time to roast our peppers, leaving them juicy, caramelized, and just a little smoky. We blend and cook everything in small batches, allowing enough time for all flavors and textures to emulsify. In the end, every ingredient shines to its fullest potential.

A perfect pour

We think a good hot sauce should be thick and robust, covering the food you put it on, rather than pooling at the bottom of your plate. Water is never a main ingredient in our sauces.

Just the right amount of heat

Hot sauce should bring the heat, but never at the expense of flavor. That said, we make our sauce with the choice amount of heat so it sharpens the existing flavors of your food, rather than overpowering it.

Fashion forward

Attitude with sophistication. How often does your table hot sauce double as a fun conversation piece?